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Magic Estimations is a free handy app that helps developer teams estimate the complexity or effort of user stories quickly and efficiently, supporting Story Points, time estimates, estimates of any other numeric and even text custom fields. It includes:

  • Magic Estimation game

  • Planning Poker game

  • Relative Estimation game

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Magic Estimations for Jira Cloud

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It’s not a secret that nowadays most development teams use effort estimation in Story Points or time to run their iterations. Most of the teams use Planning Poker for that purpose, and our team was among them. We had played numerous games before it gradually started falling out of our favor. And we had reasons for that:

  • it’s fast, but not lightning fast: during the Poker sessions, a lot of time is still wasted on getting to a consensus and figuring out how exactly to play the game

  • its rules are not intuitive: people need to be thoroughly instructed before they fully understand the rules and the dynamics of the game. What’s worse, it doesn’t seem to improve a lot over time. Should we go for another round? Why don’t we just take the bigger number? No, you can’t just average out, we need to come to a consensus… And it goes on, and on, and on

  • not truly relative: in Planning Poker items are estimated one by one and a group is supposed to compare each item to a baseline item, typically a ‘1’, but what is this '1'?

Magic Estimation method might be a better alternative for you since it has those flaws fixed. And now you have a free digital version of it in our Magic Estimations app.

Although we love Magic Estimation method, we added Planning Poker game mode to the app for all the fans of this time-proven estimation framework.

The rules are simple: align the cards in groups left to right by size from small to large.

Magic Estimations method is:


Lightning fast

Truly relative

The only thing teams need to know is how to drag cards on the board.

The ability to see all the estimated issues on one board makes every decision much easier and faster.

Don’t think of what Story Points mean, simply compare relative sizes of stories.

In Magic Estimations we adopted the method described above for Jira Cloud environment and made it absolutely free. Don’t hesitate to check it out: Magic Estimations for Jira Cloud

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